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Q1. What is the min/max tenor I can choose ?

  • Min tenor-12 months
  • Max tenor-36 months

Q2. At what frequency will I receive interest on my FD?

We offer cumulative & non cumulative interest payment options. Non Cumulative: In a 'Non cumulative’ fixed deposit scheme the interest is payable on a monthly, and half yearly basis. This scheme will be convenient if you require periodical interest payment. 
Cumulative: In a 'Cumulative’ term deposit scheme the interest is payable at the time of maturity along with the principal and is compounded half yearly. This scheme is suitable for an individual who does not require periodical interest payment and acts as a money multiplier scheme. The interest will be compounded half yearly and the final payout will be subject to deduction of tax, wherever applicable.

Q3. What is the min / max amount I can invest?

  • For Cumulative and Non-Cumulative the minimum Amount is Rs. 25,000
  • For Monthly Interest plan the Min. Amount is Rs.300,000